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What's Included:
A powerful Word Processor with several useful commands and functions that make writing documents simpler and better.
The easy-to-use spreadsheet program with better tool options than other popular software suites.
This program lets users make stunning presentations for business or leisure without the complicated commands.
Diagrams, drawings and graphics can be created with ease using this impressive software.
A secure and stable program for creating a database for reports and forms and other similar functions.
The perfect solution for users who need to create or edit mathematical formulas which will be placed in other documents.

The Latest OpenOffice Suite
Open Office handles all your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with elegance and ease. Unlike other similar programs, Open Office provides better options matched with a smarter interface. It is very lightweight as it runs with minimal use of the computer's memory.

Many international companies have made the SWITCH – it's about time that you do too!

Maximize your work output with less effort!

Top Features
OpenOffice Suite


Make professional PDF files for FREE
Reliable Support for Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc.
Wide selection of templates for business or personal use
Better Help interface than other programs
Opens various file types that cannot be accessed by other Office programs
Worldwide Customer Support



Effective and elegant

Discover why many companies worldwide are replacing the "other" office software with OpenOffice Suite. Get your software copy today!

Grab these extra features when you download OpenOffice:


Original OpenOffice Templates
Presentation Assistant
Publishing Wizard for Blogs
Database Management Tools
Export to PDF (all files)

"Open Office made my work easier and faster. I couldn't have done these if I stuck with my old Office program." - Ryan M., New Jersey



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